The ORDA project is a response to identity disorder, homogenization, and the post-global world that current humanity exists in.

Identity disorder; also known as multiple personality disorder, is a diagnosis that pressures people to question their true identity. The condition can also lead to feelings of other identities being present, each with their own voices, names, personal histories, appearances, and mannerisms. In the context of the contemporary digital world, compulsive disorders are exaggerated and magnified, where people lose their true selves by becoming overly obsessed with certain celebrities and their lives.

Throughout history, homogenization has never been as common and extreme as it is today. During the Golden Era of Hollywood, celebrity culture became over idolized, where ordinary audiences started to mimic their idol’s looks. Today, we enter the era of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures that allow people to achieve certain idol looks in a matter of a few hours or days.

Our new global populations have become weak to comprehend the pressure of social media and all of the doctored images. This project harnesses the power of different mediums, to create a confusing illusionary state. The series explores senseless feelings by questioning the image's purpose.

MODELS Iselin Haaland, Brone Mikalkeviciute, Ursule Jankunaite, Evelina Sadauskaite, Birute Mogeniene, Benjamin Orda, Barbora Valaisaite, Adam McIntoch, Migle Kiskyte, Aiste Grumciute, Jovita Kuliesiene, and Akvile Butkute.
SPECIAL THANKS to Philip Scurrah, Jonathan Simms, Eloise Perry, Susan Conlon, Donald Christie, Sonata Orde, Saulius Orda, Erika Jakimaviciene, and Daiva Varzgaliene.