Introducing Project TAPE Beauty: A Unique Take on the Modern Beauty Industry.

In today's society, the definition of beauty has been shaped and dictated by mainstream media platforms such as Hollywood, television, social media, and magazines. These outlets set the standards, and everyone is expected to conform. The meaning of beauty has become an ideal, and ordinary people have begun to measure themselves and others against this ideal, leading to a self-imposed pressure to fit into the narrow image of "perfect beauty."

Magazines and advertisements present us with perfect images of people and models, perpetuating a cult-like obsession with beauty in the fashion industry. While this may not seem as important as other global issues such as climate change, it is a major problem that has caused various types of illnesses, including psychological and physical ailments, and even death. Many young people have been affected by this beauty terror, and it is a topic that deserves attention and discussion.

Project TAPE Beauty - a thought-provoking and satirical take on the contemporary beauty industry. The project aims to raise awareness of this issue by creating a fake luxurious beauty brand that offers an instant facelift product for young people, which takes only five minutes to apply. The tape product, called TAPE Beauty, promises to "freeze" your youth, giving you the perfect look without the need for invasive procedures.

To visualize this project in a realistic and engaging manner, an Instagram account has been created specifically for TAPE Beauty. The profile showcases the luxurious and sophisticated branding of the product, with tongue-in-cheek humor that highlights the absurdity of the beauty industry.

In conclusion, Project TAPE Beauty is a unique and creative approach to addressing the negative effects of the beauty industry on young people. By using satire and irony, it aims to start a conversation about the importance of self-love and acceptance, rather than conforming to societal standards of beauty. Join us on this journey to redefine what beauty truly means.

MODELS Evie Byrom, Elliot Orban, and Ame Hernández.